Chimba Art


Chiarra Hughes-Mba also known as Chimba is a Multifaceted Artist from Hudson NY.
Chimba left Hudson to pursue her dream and obtain the degree’s in Fashion design, Computer graphics
and Fine Art. Which has allowed her to work in several professions, Fashion design being a dominant one
in her carrer. But also shares a seat at the table with her other passions, Painting & writing.


She’s published a fictional Novel in 2011 called “Micheal Rogue – Life Unscripted.”
Her painting carrer began to blossom when she lived in Hokkaido, Japan where she was most inspired.
And now that she is back in her hometown. She has become fully immersed in the Art scene. Participating in
several program & Art shows gaining notoriety for her work. She is currently using her experience to
continue to create meaningful Art.

Chimba Art! An Art Gallery of unique one of a kind artwork. 

Chimba Art

Hudson, New York, United State