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Welcome to Chimba’s Virtual Art Gallery, that features an array of acrylic paintings , original prints, and other customized hand painted creations such as: hand painted designs on furniture/home decor and sculptures. Please feel free to explore until you find the perfect piece that speaks to you!

Welcome to Chimba Virtual Art Gallery, that features an array of acrylic, digital paintings and other customized hand painted artistic creations . Such as Mood Boards( hand painted landscapes painted on wooden boards) and hand painted mason jar lamps.

   “My paintings”-The process and why you’re able to order more than one size of the same image.  From my original art (not all) those in which I offer prints of. I was able to duplicate the images, by digitizing the images using adobe illustrator & Photoshop. In which the images become digitized and then they can be duplicated for mass production. 

  However, all images are originally art work and  designs by me.  Because of my background in graphic art. I am able to manipulate my paintings and make them digital paintings.

    I have 3 standard canvas sizes that I offer, 12×16, 16×24, & 20×40. In which I am able to keep the original image intact. They range in pricing which I feel is moderately priced in some cases budget priced.  As an artist it’s a way for me to share a part of my soul with the world. Whoever purchases a piece from me is sharing my piece with the world and to me that is priceless.  I do hope you found this to be informative and helpful! Now purchase your first piece of  Chimba Art today!!!

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